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A New Beginning to

Locum Tenens

Locum Tenens built on trust
At Ark Staffing Solutions, we set out to do something new: locum tenens relational staffing focused on trust and accountability. We’ve veered sharply away from the traditional transactional staffing approach practiced by all too many locums staffing agencies. They believe in numbers and just shoveling you candidates. We know you need a trusted and accountable agency partner that provides you the right candidates that match your specific criteria.
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We know you’re tired of partnering with locum tenens agencies only to receive candidates who don’t match your job criteria or needs. This leads to a bad taste that the whole process felt all too transactional. At Ark, we want to empower you to find the talent you need the first time around and to experience the benefits of a relational locum tenens partner who has your best interests in mind for both now and the future. Our Ark Staffing team has over 45 years of locum tenens experience and expertise in staffing radiologists, anesthesiologists, emergency medicine and hospital medicine. Ark’s team has staffed over two million hours of locum tenens providers and counting. We’ve designed our solutions to answer your exact needs, whether you need a locum tenens physician or a permanent hire to join your practice and become a member of your community.




We take the time to listen closely to your needs and expectations so we can start the search as informed and equipped as possible.



Armed with a comprehensive understanding of your ideal candidate, we engage with our talent network to isolate the perfect fit.



Rather than sending 10 candidates your way and hoping for the best, we hand-pick you a few proven professionals who match your specific needs.



We leverage our experience to provide counsel for your eventual hire and stay in touch with both you and the candidate to ensure the ideal match has been made.

We know your hiring needs are always nuanced and specific, so we’ve intentionally designed our specialties to be flexible and personal. We believe each and every search should get the individual care and attention it deserves to produce the best results.



We believe in honest, transparent relationships with all our 1099 locums anesthesiologists and our clients. 



We believe that creating a trusting and transparent relationship with each party helps foster long-term relationships.

Emergency Medicine


Ark Staffing shares our working margins with each of our clients and all our 1099 emergency medicine clinicians.

find the right hire

At Ark, we focus on people, not transactions. . Because we focus on relationships rather than transactions, we’re proud to offer our clients a candidate placement success rate of over 70%, which is double the locums industry average. Over 50% of our locum tenens candidates are referrals from other trusted clinicians. When you partner with us, you can trust you’ll get a partner who listens, understands your needs, and delivers only the most qualified professionals.

Advocate Aurora Executive

“ARK Staffing has been instrumental in stabilizing our anesthesia program. They have over 25 active anesthesiologists working at our flagship community hospital. They are our go to vendor partnership for all physician anesthesia locums staffing”

“I have worked with Patrick about 20 years. He is my go to guy for all my staffing needs. He does not disappoint! I can always count on professional dependable service and quality physicians.

Ramtin Ramsey, MD

“I have found Patrick Moore to be ethical, respectful, and hard working in achieving my goals. He is an effective communicator that provides a vital bridge with hospitals. When you work with Patrick you feel he is vested in your interests and follows through with tangible results. Patrick goes above and beyond and I consider him a real friend in the business.”

Dan Danila, MD

“When you work as a physician with Patrick Moore, you are his business partner. You work together with him to design what’s best for the hospital, for the patients and for your life. I felt more secure and respected as a locum tenens provider, than I felt ever before as a full-time hospital employee. Patrick is in my opinion, the game changer in this industry!”

Emergency Medicine Executive Huntsville Hospital System

“We’ve worked with ARK for several years for all our emergency medicine locum tenens providers. They only submit the most qualified locums clinicians and are always transparent with their rates and accountable to their schedules. It’s a relief to work with ARK Staffing”

Ark is here to bring trust back to Locum Tenens

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