a new beginning to healthcare staffing solutions

Who we are

Ark Staffing is a team of industry-leading healthcare recruiters helping our clients hire experienced, qualified medical professionals on a permanent or locum tenens basis. Over the years, we’ve witnessed the relationship between the medical community and recruiting firms deteriorate due to unsatisfying results and a feeling that the relationship was all about the transaction. We’re here to change that. We offer a new beginning to healthcare staffing solutions built on relationships, transparency, trust, and, most importantly, solutions that solve your problems.

About Our Founder

Ark is founded and led by Patrick Moore. After working in healthcare staffing for 20 years, Patrick recognized the need for a new approach to healthcare staffing after hearing the same complaints echoed time and time again: the candidates we’re getting aren’t who they were promised to be, and our recruiting partners only seem to care about the transaction.

Combining his decades of experience recruiting across nursing, cardiology, radiology, anesthesiology, and other specialties and his desire to help provide better outcomes for communities, Patrick unites Ark in its mission to redirect the relationship in healthcare staffing and reestablish trust, value-driven relationships, and expectations for excellent solutions.







We take the time to listen closely to your needs and expectations so we can start the search as informed and equipped as possible.



Armed with a comprehensive understanding of your ideal candidate, we engage with our talent network to isolate the perfect fit.



Rather than sending 10 candidates your way and hoping for the best, we hand-pick you a few proven professionals who match your specific needs.



We leverage our experience to provide counsel for your eventual hire and stay in touch with both you and the candidate to ensure the ideal match has been made.

Neil Schamban, MD

“I’ve known Patrick Moore for nearly ten years and his level of finding the right candidates for the right opportunities has always been spot on. His leadership and guidance of his team is what makes him and his company truly unique.”

“I have worked with Patrick about 20 years. He is my go to guy for all my staffing needs. He does not disappoint! I can always count on professional dependable service and quality physicians.

Ramtin Ramsey, MD

“I have found Patrick Moore to be ethical, respectful, and hard working in achieving my goals. He is an effective communicator that provides a vital bridge with hospitals. When you work with Patrick you feel he is vested in your interests and follows through with tangible results. Patrick goes above and beyond and I consider him a real friend in the business.”

Dan Danila, MD

“When you work as a physician with Patrick Moore, you are his business partner. You work together with him to design what’s best for the hospital, for the patients and for your life. I felt more secure and respected as a locum tenens provider, than I felt ever before as a full-time hospital employee. Patrick is in my opinion, the game changer in this industry!”

Ark is here to bring trust back to healthcare staffing

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